Safety & Certification

When Safety plays an important role for existing or new build installations with control systems and certification becomes obligated by law, documentation and the management thereof becomes crucial.

"Due to our know how as a specialist, working together with partners, we can offer you integrated solutions with professional products & services, mitigate risks, advise you about the best project approach, spare you time and money offering support for the realisation, coördination and implementation of your project. Independent and of course always in good contact with the customer."

Offering the following services;

  • Set up and guide the Certification process and related safety management
  • Improve quality assurance, with technical- & operational documentation
  • Technical investigation, inspection and advice, mitigating Risks, improving Safety
  • Technical expertise for repair-, maintenance and upgrades decisions
  • A wide range of experience level
  • Technical support for processautomation, command & control systems
  • Technical expertise for Energy-, electronic-, electrotechnical- & mechanical systems
  • Reports about the status of your technical assets & complex maintenance
  • Construction knowledge, calculations and experience
  • Technical know how from different sectors

Documentation & certification guidance

Our certification & documentation services offer a wide variety of technical and business compliancy. Know how that helps to improve and deliver products to your clients or increase quality assurance of your technical assets. Depending on opportunities within your projects, we offer a range from purely scientific or technical roles to coordinating or managerial roles, and combinations thereof depending on the type and size of the project.  We can assist during the project time only. In this way, customers have fewer costs or investments in the long term.