Projects overview

Risk Management and High Voltage Expertise for Energy Companies

Project for applying riskmanagement, SET software, systemsengineering and assetmanagement. Ordering party: Energy companies, grid operators & construction firms.
Development, R&D of Solar Hydrogen modules

Pilot project for developement, safety, certification, structure and testing of renewable energy system and control. Ordering party: Renewable Energy Solutions, NWP/ Delforac Energy / Eneco Markets
Hollandsche IJsselkering & Haringvlietdam

Contract assistance, project upgrading automation, command & control with safety systems
Ordering party ; Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment
Risk Management, Machine Safety & Requirements for Renovation of the Storm Surge Barrier Afsluitdijk

For a complex infrastructural project, BTMO provides Consultancy & Safety Management and specifies requirements regarding maintanance. Ordering party: Levvel/ Min. v. Infrastructure, ASD
Top requirements and maintenance plans for the integration of Road, Railway and Shipping

For a complex infrastructural project (Botlekbrug), BTMO provided Consultancy & Coordination to support the integration proces and specify top requirements regarding safety and maintenance. Ordering party: MCo / Min. v. Infrastructuur / Prorail
Top requirements for processautomation software

For the Dutch Government consultancy & coordination was carried out to support and specify top requirements regarding safety and maintanance. These requirements were used in a tender to be able to develope standard software modules for infrastructure automation. Ordering party: Government, Min. v. Infra & W.
Safety, certification & TCD documentation

For the Dutch Government a project was carried out to coordinate safety measures and bring mandatory TCD documentation in line with design, automation, control and use of different bridges in the Netherlands.
Ordering party: Government, Min. v. Infra & W.
Environmental friendly Energy Solutions

Project for a new generation of clean energy concepts Consultancy & projectmanagement for the classification of energy systems in ships. (IMO regulations, the use of LNG on seegoing ships).
Ordering party: Government - Denmark / Germany
Water- & energy infrastructure, pumpingstations

Project for waterinfrastructure, design of pumpingstations, setup contract requirements, implementation of asset-management and systemsengineering
Ordering party: Waterschap HHNK / BOSMAN watermanagement
Projects for instrumentation, energy and turbine systems

Project for turbine systems and monitoring; review & coding of Eplan engineering Swiss VM600 vibrometer.
Ordering party: Salzgitter Flachstahl/ D_R, Germany
Risk analyses and -management of train traffic control buildings

Project related to the renovation and setup of train traffic control buildings concerning risk management.
Ordering party: Prorail/ Clarc
Automation strategy for Energy installations

Consultancy project for power plant automation strategy period (2010- 2020 )
Ordering party: RWE / Essent
Projectmanagement, consultancy ETCS, ERTMS betuwelijn

Interim projectmanagement providing; Consultancy & Engineering Management for Certification of ERTMS/ ETCS systems. Systemsengineering EN50126, -128, -129, SIL 4 for Freight locomotives on the Betuwelijn.
Ordering party : Lloyds Register
ICT optimalisation civil engineering project

ICT work,set up database and application for a civil design project.
Ordering party; DDMS BV
Renewable Energy

Developing project for South Africa (small housing applications, no grid)
Pilot was succesfully developed together with Elmatec R&D on location Wissekerke, NL
Ordering party: EVD/ IBB
Port of Amsterdam, navigation

Assignment in relation to expanding harbour of Amsterdam (study, navigation)
Ordering party; Port of Amsterdam
Improvements of Asset-management

Quick scan initial status and improvements Asset-management bridges and transport objects, Noord Holland Areaal
Ordering party: District NoordHolland
Rail Management

Research improvements asset- /maintenance management rail, lightrail, infra
Ordering party: DHV
Orientation riskmanagement for tunnel construction

Orientation riskmanagement for tunnel construction and HSL train infra projects.
Ordering party: insurance company CL
Assetmanagement products, Ship locks IJmuiden.

Upgrade areaal information, assetmanagement products, Noordzeesluizen IJmuiden.
Ordering party: Dutch Ministry of Traffic & Waterways /RWS Bouwdienst