Sustainable Energy Control & Asset Monitoring

After the founding of the company the initative was taken for the development of electronic control systems with embedded software, instruments, sensors and data processing equipement for specific monitoring,  assetmanagement and off grid renewable energy systems. The control software is registrated under the trade name GeoTrias Technologies ®. In May 2009 a journey was organised to South Africa with a group of the Ministry of economic affairs and the department for developing countries. This way several developements for innovative systems and services were realised.



Product specifications

The right specification and customer requirements for implementation of new systems or products is work for experts. We have achieved an optimal approach to accomplish such challenges. We can go through the correct process and take in to account the product life cycle, we have the knowledge and capabilities and work together with R&D companies and technology institutes like Delforac, TU Delft and ESA.



Reference projects & pilots

One of the initiatives comprises a pilotproject for solar power and wind energy for "Small Housing applications". In a test a complete house has been build on small scale at our test location Wissekerke without a connection to the energy network (off grid). For this several electronic products with sensors, data monitoring and data processing were developed. Both have different ways for presenting the data like custom build webservers or webportals.(zie



Product development life Cycle Research

  • Usability Engineering
  • Protoyping
  • Development
  • Testing and quality
  • Documentation
  • Porting
  • Training
  • Set up sales support
  • Deployment
  • Technical support & maintenance
  • Performance Engineering

Support for Embedded systems & testing

We enable the use of advanced embedded hardware and software platforms for fast product developement in such a way that different compilers and programming lanquages can be used; LPC/ARM, Coocox, C, C++, HTML, PHP i.c.m. (My)SQL (OOP), Java, CSS, jQuery.