News, activities and market developements


Ingenieursbureau Boeschoten (BTMO) joined the Delforac Group of Electronics System Developers (DGESD)


Ingenieursbureau Boeschoten (BTMO) has initiated assessments for a Partnership with HSD (The Hague Security Delta). This to become an official partner for cyber- and ICT security developements & Services in 2020 in the Netherlands.

BTMO Consultancy & Management has received an order for Safety Advice and Coordination regarding Machine Renovation, Watermanagement & Control

News from ESTEC Conferences & Workshops for LST (ESA) and coating systems. As registrated SME, BTMO provides support (SME4SPACE) presenting top requirements and specifications regarding energy systems and control software.

System-integration, ownership & maintenance. BTMO received an assignment from Mco to support a project in infrastructure for a road /railway & shippinglane complex in the Netherlands. Consultancy- and inventarisation services are on going to realise requirements, design and integration. (info E. Nuyts)

For an international Energy/Railway company in Germany preparations are ongoing to implement different ICT processes and structure related security software connected to processautomation.(GeoTrias Technologies ®, Control Software improvements)

BTMO is actively joining initiatives of the Dutch Engineering Society "KIVI", recently we participate in departments TME, Railsystems and Electrical Engineering

For the Dutch Ministry of Waterways and Traffic Management a project started to coordinate developement and maintenance of existing and standard processautomation for infra objects.

BTMO is present on the Smart Cities innovation days in The Haque. (Info Mr E. Nuyts or J. Castillo for Solar R&D and smart grid developements)

After the assignment from EGM a continuation has been initiated for furthur developement of the control powerblocks for sustainable energy applications; GeoTrias Technologies solar grid X06

For the Dutch government a project has started to coordinate safety measures and mandatory TCD documentation in line with design features, automation, control and use of different bridges in the Netherlands.

For one of the first Clean Energy shipbuilding projects in Europa (LNG Passenger Ferry), BTMO Consulting has received an order to provide consultancy and management regarding classification of the energy systems. (IMO regulations and DNV-GL rules)

BTMO Consulting has been requested to execute different internal quality audits, regarding systems engineering processes for ongoing assignments in the waterinfrastructure.(info T. v Raetinge)

BTMO Consulting received a projectassignment, to provide consultancy for the implementation of engineering management processes conform the method systems-engineering. This concerns an UAVGC contract (renovation of a waterpumpingstation near the IJsselmeer)

For KPN Telecom developements started for smart grids and embedded system applications. Support has been defined for using the developed low power sensors. (info: Mr Nuyts/ Ettinger)

For the customer EGM, the first phase of the embedded product development has succesfullybeen completed. The 2nd and end phase will be the local and distance availabilty of energy & security information via webservers or web portals. (info: Mr vd Plaats/ Nijhuis)

In cooperation with Det Norske Veritas Software, BTMO Consulting is offering expertise and support for asset-management implementation services for installations in the oil and gas markets and for water infrastructure or energy systems.

VIALIS Railway Systems BV, has requested Boeschoten Engineering to support with a Safety Case related to Railway Signalling systems & products for Dutch Railway / NS / Prorail.

BTMO has received an order to develope the software and hardware for reading out and presenting energy data (power produced / Euro per day ) via the web (server based) . The renewable energy source is solar power

BTMO Consulting has received an assignment for projectsupport to setup and structure a D&C / SCB contract for the municipality/ Provincie Zuid Holland.

From out of the new office in Delft, engineering with different software packages
for instrumentation has been made possible (turbine systems, steel industry Germany).Ordering party; D-R / Salzgitter Flachstahl

BTMO | ing. bureau Boeschoten will be moving to the new office location in Delft near the technical university Delft; Rotterdamseweg 183 C, Radex Innovation Centre in Delft

BTMO received an assignment for a risk inventarisation project according to the RISMAN method for train traffic control buildings of Prorail for Clarc/ Cunningham Lindsey.

BTMO Consulting received an assignment to setup workshops, training courses for asset- management implementation for Waterschap HHNK

Completion / end phase of interim management services for the ETCS / ERTMS
integration project of freight locomotives on the Betuwelijn for Lloyds Register Rail Europe

Completion / end phase of the asset-management imlementation and IBC delivery (installatie beheer concept) project for the Noordersluis ship lock.