Energy, Infrastructure & Industry

As a Dutch Consulting Company we provide services to Clients belonging both to the public and the private sector.  Over the years, we have reinforced our traditional position in Consulting and Management for customers that own and maintain systems & installations in the Energy, Infrastructure and Industry sector, while enlarging our influence in Transport-, Environmental- and Sustainble Systems.

To offer high level services, we relie on a permanent and flexible staff of qualified consultants, engineers and projectmanagers mainly based in the office Delft and The Haque. Our regional test facility (4000m2) for Renewable Energy is in the South West of the Netherlands. When required by long-term project commitments, field offices are opened closer to project locations.

Since its foundation, the company has participated in significant projects mainly in the Netherlands but also in Germany and due to the fast developements in renewable energy, preparation is ongoing for services to other countries.